SIM Only Contracts

It seems like a lot of people these days rush out to get the newest phone available as soon as they can. They want to be able to show off that they have the newest mobile, no matter how expensive it may have been. But what if you are not one of these people? What if you are someone who likes to keep their old phone and doesn't want to get a new contract every time a new phone comes out? For you, the solution may be a SIM only contract.

The SIM card in your phone is what connects you to your mobile carrier. It is a tiny chip in your phone that makes the connection to the network possible. SIM only deals are generally much cheaper than standard contracts, and can range from 30 day deals up to 12 months. The longer the deal though, generally the cheaper it will be. Be aware of what you are purchasing when you look at SIM only deals. The ones that offer unlimited data and WiFi connections for instance may require that you agree for one year, whereas ones that put a cap on your usage may allow you to only agree for 30 days. There are also pay as you go plans for SIM only. These deals are at least 10 quid per month, but give you more flexibility.

These types of deals have always been around, but people did not want to take advantage of getting a great phone just for committing for two years. Now, more people are in less of a hurry to get the newest phone and are looking at these options. As more and more people are taking these options, mobile phone carriers have had to come up with better deals to remain competitive. If you are happy with your current phone, you should definitely look into a SIM only deal. In some cases you may even be able to switch carriers and still keep your phone number. Take a look at some of the deals that are out there and you may be amazed at how much money you can actually save.

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