Best Mobile Phones of 2014

There are many mobile phones to choose from these days. It can be hard to know which phone is right for you and which one gives you the most bang for your buck. Below we will go over some of the best mobile phones currently available to you.

Apple iPhone 5S - The iPhone 5S is one of the best smartphones currently on the market. It comes standard with iO7, which is the most significant upgrade to the operating system since its inception. Some of the features include Control Centre, improved multitasking, AirDrop, Notification Centre, enhanced Photos, Safari, Siri, and iTunes Radio. If you want the top of the line mobile phone, this is certainly one to consider.

Sony Xperia Z1 - This phone runs the most current version of the Android operating system, 4.1, and is Sony's attempt to boost their mobile phone offerings. The primary feature of this device is its speed and display. If you are partial to Android devices, and want one that is 4G capable, this is a great device to choose.

Apple iPhone 5C - This iPhone is the predecessor to the 5S, but comes with many of the same features. The difference in this one is the processor on board. Most likely you won't even be able to tell the difference, unless you have a lot of different things running at the same time on your phone. If you like a phone you can customize, this model allows you to choose from 5 different colours, including blue, green, pink, yellow and white. It has all the features you'd expect from the older iPhones, only improved. If you want a stylish phone and are partial to Apple products, consider this one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - This mobile phone comes with one of the more innovative technologies currently available: eye tracking. This phone will track your eye movement and scroll the screen simply by tilting the phone. If you look away during a video, the screen will pause. How's that for cool? In addition to this, the Galaxy S4 is slim, lightweight, and still manages to pack a punch in the specifications department. It runs an Android operating system, and is currently one of the best phones on the market for your money.

HTC One - HTC hasn't produced many great smartphones recently, but this newest model is a return to their old form in a sense. For starters, the on-board camera is one of the best currently available, especially in low-light. Its new interface adds to the existing Android device by adding a place to collects all your social media accounts into one area. It's a nice touch for those of us who fiddle with our phone during down moments. This mobile phone deserves to do pretty well for HTC and is worth a look.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - If you like being able to use a stylus on your mobile phone, consider the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung is doing a pretty good job at removing the need for us to ever use pen and paper with these devices. The Note 3 has made some significant improvements over its predecessors, including a native note taking feature among other things. If you do a lot of writing and wish your smartphone would help you out with it, take a good long look at the Galaxy Note 3.

Motorola Moto G - This solidly built plastic phone that runs the latest version of the Android operating system. Unlike other phones on our list, this one won't really "wow" you with its features or specifications. Where this mobile does excel is its price. It offers a beacon of hope that mobiles can one day be both advanced and affordable. If you are on a budget but still want a phone that has plenty of its own features, this is the one for you. It won't blow you away, but you are getting more than your money's worth. 

Google Nexus 5 - With this mobile, you are seeing a statement by Google that not only can your phone be innovative, but it can be affordable too. It comes with many of the features you'll find on other Android devices, and the back-end equipment is nothing to scoff at. This is another mobile that is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune on their phone but still wants to keep up with the latest technology.

Nokia Lumia 1520 - This is one of the best large-screen mobiles on the market. In fact, it has one of the most impressive screens ever seen on a mobile phone. This one comes from Windows, and it is probably their best phone to date. If you like watching movies or looking at pictures on your mobile, this is a good phone to consider. The rest of the phone packs some pretty good specifications, but the screen is where it clearly has the edge over some of its competitors.

HTC One Mini - The last one on our list is another from HTC. This mobile has cut back on some of its features from the other model, but still offers a good value. If you like the other HTC model but it seemed too expensive for you or you didn't want all of the features that it came with, this model is a good one for you.

Those our are top 10 mobile phones currently on the market. You can't really go wrong with any of these choices. It all comes down to what you personally like and what you are able to afford. Each one comes with its own unique features and drawbacks, so it will have to be up to you to decide which one is right for you. Hopefully this list gave you a bit of insight into each to help you make your decision.

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